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Mario Kart 7 Emulator

Mario Kart 7

Mario Kart 7 Box Art Release date: December 1, 2011.

Released on: 3DS.

There is no doubt that Mario Kart soon celebrate its 20th Anniversary as one of the sets of famous video game from Nintendo. One quick way to travel non-stop and furious Mario, Bowser and his friends from all angles. It was all systems on the Super NES, and did not see the plumber and his friends and enemies of the brakes on the deformation of the tube, even once.

However, there were many racing games that have tried to copy and succedded, or those who were of Mario and his friends race inspired. This is the case, Mario and his friends sat in Mairo Kart games to develop and never lost their luster. Now, high-octane speed and fungi, which is new on the Nintendo 3DS, and the truth of all the races.

7 Mario Kart really brings the big guns of the Nintendo 3DS, where some of the other Nintendo 3DS, have lost their brand with the introduction of the system. Hard to believe he is the seventh racing game Mario and his friends, and this time he has ever resulted from the inclusion of rapid mixing of old and new. Like Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart Wii, players will compete 32 tracks, the old and new Mario Kart. The game looks really amazing, with a few wrinkles game, and you have new drivers and new courses and careers in the new Parc de la Musique, where every note and jump to the unit housing will help to limit arrival, Shy Guy'S BAZAAR, a Middle Eastern flavor available, like you and your fellow runners tried to cross the door, in the attempt, the roof, and the classics, as well as Luigi Raceway in Mario Kart 64 and slide the speed and the commercial center of the madness of the Coconut Grove Mario Kart Wii.

Apart from the mix of old and new songs, there are new drivers that are here to challenge Mario, Yoshi and friends, including clouds of group homes and bone Lakitu throw enemies, Metal Mario (as a party to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Super Mario 64), and tremor Shy Guy, just to name a few. They bring much new blood in the game, as well as new features such as customizing your kart tires and fly gliders, which make their way back into the asphault.You can also run under water, which will help you in game links, especially in the redesigned course as Koopa Cheep Cheep Trooopa ​​new beach lagoon. There are also some new elements into play and help the fireball at the tail Tanooki runners smash the stage, and the new Lucky 7 is a blend of seven with weapons, such as red and green mussels, a blooper for the enemies of the ink, and the banana peel and a star of invinciblity.

Game graphics are fantastic, as the qualifications of its way to the finish and collect coins during the course unlock extras help yopu to help make their karts. The controls are very strong, so in the classic, but a small hiccup with the new first-person perspective. Although the concept is good, so you can run with other users via the 3DS roundabout and directly use his kart racer back and forth, like the Wii Wheel Mario Kart Wii was. This process may take some getting used to new drivers, but for veterans are also eligible to play in Classic mode. The sound is powerful, do with elements of classical scores over conventional striking gorges up like mushrooms, but in general it is the game that is fun, both single and multiplayer game very well. The multiplayer mode adds Street with additional pass, and found the game Mario Kart Wii online, and how other runners and 7 deal with the race of his way to the finish line.

Overall, despite a small defect, Mario Kart is definitely a game 7 fast and furious from start to finish, and is still as great for the players a lot easier than it seems. If you like the persecution of Mario Kart has done what is sure to love this play Nintendo 3DS. Certainly, exciting love for this corridor, and shows that some old video game franchises ever, only improves with age.It is definitely a must-buy for Nintendo 3DS is sure glad that many brokers are not able to show more than two decades thanks to the finish line.I recommend Mario Kart 7 from beginning to end.


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