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Mario Kart DS Emulator

Mario Kart DS

Mario Kart DS Box ArtRelease date: November 14, 2005.

Released on: Nintendo DS.

The racing genre is one of the more popular genres in the gaming world and there are so many racing games out there today that if one of these games wants to stand out, they have to offer something special. No doubt Mario Kart sticks right out and takes its place as one of the greatest racing games available. Mario Kart has been evolving ever since it first came out in 1992, becoming the great game it is today. We have seen Mario Kart in many different systems, SNES, N64, GBA, and others, and all were considerably wonderful, but when Mario Kart came to Nintendo DS, it was a whole different story. Hailed by many as the best in the series, Mario Kart DS took the game to a new level with some exciting features.

Mario Kart DS has 13 racers available and a selection of 36 karts to race with.

The game uses both screens of the DS. The upper screen is where the racing environment is, while the bottom screen shows and overhead view of the track and other useful information like enemy racers, items, and incoming hazards.

Items are randomly gained by passing through item boxes throughout the track. Using these items provide you an advantage like shooting an enemy to slow him down or a speed boost.

Mario Kart DS has a lot of game modes. More game modes mean more ways to have fun.

Wi-Fi Connectivity allows players to race anyone, anywhere.

The bottom line: Mario Kart DS is a great game and is definitely a must have for racing fanatics.


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