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Super Mario Bros. Emulator

Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. Box ArtRelease date: September 13, 1985.

Released on: NES, Game & Watch, GBA and Wii's Virtual Console.

Ah yes, the original classic that started all the 2D side-scrolling mania. Super Mario Bros. was possibly the start of Nintendo’s huge success as this game is the second-best-selling video game of all time. Super Mario Bros. made such an impact in the gaming industry and many other titles were inspired by it, and without this game, Nintendo may have not reached this far. Super Mario Bros. is an amazing game, considering the era it was released, and had all the addictive elements to keep you playing. Let’s take a look at why this game has captured the hearts of a lot of gamers around the world.

For such an old game, Super Mario Bros. already had a compelling plot. You have to venture out in Mushroom Kingdom to save Princess Toadstool (later named Princess Peach) traveling through different environments, overcoming obstacles, and defeating enemies.

Power-ups were already implemented in this game, making it quite interesting. Picking up a mushroom would make Mario grow in size and be able to take damage before dying. Other power-ups are the fire flower, allowing you to shoot fireballs, and the star to become immune to damage for a period of time.

A major factor for Super Mario Bros. addictiveness is its secrets. Hidden bricks, coins, and areas make people desire to know more secrets, thus keeping them playing.

There is no doubt that Super Mario Bros. is a great game, so great in fact that its presence is still felt today, and some even revisit this game once in a while.