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Super Mario Sunshine Emulator

Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Sunshine Box ArtRelease date: July 19, 2002.

Released on: Nintendo GameCube.

Mario is like a superstar in the gaming world. Everyone just wants to be Mario – even his enemies. Here in Super Mario Sunshine, our hero Mario, Princess Peach, and Toadsworth are on vacation but Mario gets framed by a Mario wannabe villain named “Shadow Mario” (what a knock-off), and takes the blame for vandalizing the whole island, Isle Delfino, with graffiti. Well, that’s how the story goes. Super Mario Sunshine is another title from the Mario series, this time for the Nintendo Gamecube. Like the rest of the Mario titles, Super Mario Sunshine has its set of features that make it a really fun experience.

Similar to Super Mario 64, this game is rendered in full 3D. This time the adventure takes place on a tropical island, giving it a new and refreshing look.

In Super Mario Sunshine, Mario has a new gadget called the FLUDD which he uses to clean the vandalisms left by his enemy. But this gadget also gives Mario added functionality like hovering, or sprinting fast.

Mario is able to use Yoshi, the green dinosaur from Super Mario World, and can use him to eat birds and insects to produce coins.

Yoshi can also be used for offense -- he can eat fruits and squirt out the juice on enemies to turn them into platforms to step on.

Super Mario Sunshine is definitely a title that everyone will enjoy. Its gameplay is unique and new and will offer Mario fans something to dig in to.


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