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Super Mario World Emulator

Super Mario World

Super Mario World Box ArtRelease date: November 21, 1990.

Released on: SNES, GBA and Wii's Virtual Console.

Super Mario World was released together with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System as a pack-in. And again, just like most Mario games, this title was a huge success, selling 20 million copies worldwide. This game was also released in the Game Boy Advance and had a couple of new features, but ultimately, the game remained the same. Super Mario World still takes its roots from the original Super Mario Bros. with the plot of rescuing Princess Toadstool from the evil Bowser and traveling the lands fighting enemies to reach them. Most Mario games have this plot, but each of them, including Super Mario World, have something new to offer.

The first thing to notice is that the story no longer takes place in Mushroom Kingdom, but in a place called Dinosaur Land. The story starts with Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach going on a vacation in Dinosaur Land, and that’s where Bowser strikes.

The game contains 8 different worlds, each with a distinct and unique look.

You still collect coins as you journey through. Every 100 coins adds you an extra life.

Super Mario World introduces Yoshi, a green dinosaur that can eat enemies and also lets Mario ride on his back as he travels.

Super Mario World is another title that can be enjoyed just as much as the previous ones. It retains a lot of the original traits, 2D platforms, power-ups, and a great adventure, and that is the beauty of it, one which keeps the fans coming back.


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